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Unlike other video-centric courses where there is no/limited interactions between learners and the content, Music2Gather adopts a pragmatic "hypermedia engagement" approach to enable you to have deeper interactions with the various media elements (such as text, sound, graphics and video) in each byte-size learning units:
[Hypermedia experience] allows you to consume any of the learning content (be it a specific learning point, video demo, or Q&A review) in your own needs/order.
[Focus & Byte-size] micro-course allow you to learn one thing as one time, a specific song (with a particular instrument) or musical knowledge.
[Pop score library] gives you the biggest Chinese pop collection from Cho Publishing Limited, which provides the most updated music sheets for music lovers to play as well as the basis for instructors to create and publish hypermedia micro-courses with Music2Gather.
Instructors who want to create pop music micro-courses with us will receive our support to deal with the copyright issues related to the score, so they can focus solely on how to make the course content instead of getting into the copyright troubles. Email us at if you are any questions.
Embrace interactive learning opportunities and discover your musical talents. Let's do Music Together! Join the Music2Gather community for news and updates
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Version: 1.1.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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