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New Features Added SDcard save and autosave functionalityLook in SD card in MusicalNotePad directory to access files directly.Depending on your device, files may be on internal phone storage in the MusicalNotePad directory. Increased max zoomout distance higher notes possible. Chords now have stems and flags.Musical Note Pad is a musical composition tool for Android devices that provides you with the ability to use a touchscreen to compose music in standard musical notation.Not only can you write, save, and load your compositions, you can play them back audibly in whole or in part, choosing from 128 MIDI instruments.Whether you want to capture the fleeting inspiration of a musical epiphany, refine your next brilliant symphony, or just create a sweet MIDI ringtone version of that new hit song, Musical Note Pad offers an intuitive and interactive solution any time, any where.Known Issues: Ties across measures display but don39;t work and stick around too long. Lag at load time occasional. Zooming out all the way can be kind of quirky.To touch the lowest possible notes, zoom in just a little. Changing time signature of measure with existing notes can cause problems measure not displaying all notesrests.



Version: 1.1.2

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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