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Plan your monthlyweekly expenses based on your income and spend within limits. My Budget tracker is a handy personal expense planning and tracking application available to manage all your day to day expenses Add every small expense as and when you make them. Be it a bus ticket or a movie ticket or an unexpected dinner for your guests. Budget Tracker will give you live status on how much you39;ve been spending and when you need to control spending Plan your expense: Set a total monthly or weekly income and add an amount you39;re likely to spend on category of expense like Food, Clothing, Transportation. You can view and modify your plan any time. Actual Expense: Keep adding your expenses to the planned categories added earlier to see a live progress graph on how much you39;re saving. Bill section: Want to manage and set reminders for your bills? This allows you to add a reminder to pay the bills. The bill expense gets integrated with your actual expenses seamlessly. History: Want to know how much you39;ve been spending in the previous months? Compare your previous weeksmonth39;s expenses with current monthweek. Export your history via email password Protection : lock your application and financial position with a passwordpersonal finance,daily expenses,budget planner,budgeting,financial planning,expense tracker,bills



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android2.0.1 or later


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