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Mera resume is one of a kind app that let's you create resume in different creative format.
All you need to do is add the required information, and then select any one resume format and the app creates a pdf of your resume on the fly for you.
Mera resume Mera Career is not just a resume builder. It is trying to provide a whole ecosystem for job seekers.
The app provides following features
1. Resume Bulder | Resume Creator | CV Maker
2. 100s of aptitude questions to solve
3. Technical questions on C, C++, Java, PHP languages
4. Interview tips
5. Common Interview Questions
6. Record Your Answer
7. Job Search
More details about the features
1. Resume Builder:
This allows you to create PDF copy of resume in the format you wish.
You need to fill in the following details
Personal Details, Academic Details, Technical Details, Experience Details, Project Details, Certifications List etc.
Once you fill this data, you will see few options of resume formats, choose any and a PDF of your CV will be ready. You can share it via email too.
Resume Maker is the most important part of this app.
2. Aptitude Questions:
Most of the companies conduct an aptitude test before recruiting a candidate. Mera CV Mera Career provides the most common aptitude questions that are ofter asked during any interview. We keep on adding more questions to enrich our database.
3. Technical Questions:
Since IT is one of the largest recruiter in the world as of now, it is imperative that you have knowledge of computer languages like C C++ Java PHP. Mera CV Mera Career provides a question bank on these same topics. These are the question which are asked most often.
4. Interview Tips:
Most of the freshers do not understand the etiquettes & manners to be followed while appearing for any interview. These are some common sense tips and some not very common tips that you must follow during your interview.
5. Common Interview Questions:
Most companies have HR round. These are the most common HR questions. Practice them well before appearing any HR interview. The most common question is Tell me about yourself.
6. Record Your Answer:
This feature lets you record your answer in your own voice for each of the important Interview question.
You can replay the recorded answer. This lets you check if you are confident and fluent enough. Practice again, record & replay the answer again till you don't get it perfect. Remember, practice makes it perfect.
7. Job Search:
This is a simple list of jobs websites. Doesn't hurt to check them out.
The aim of Mera CV Mera Career is to be the go to place when it comes to job search.
So we will be adding more resume formats, more questions to our aptitude questions, technical questions, lot of tips & functionalities.
Meanwhile we wish you all the best for your career.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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