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My First Day At School
Here is the Detailed story of Anita which we presented in the Pictorial format in the Application:
Scene 1 : Anita went to bed dreaming of the adventures that would take place the next morning. It would be her first day of school.
Scene 2 : Anita woke up early in the morning and get ready for the school. She hurried to the breakfast table where her breakfast was ready. She ate happily. She was very excited for the classroom activities.
Scene 3 : Anita and her mom and dad rushed to the stand where other kids were waiting for the bus. Kids talked about the fun they were going to experience at school.
Scene 4 : The bus stopped at the corner. All the kids climbed into the bus. Anita waved goodbye to her mom and dad as she moved towards the bus.
Scene 5 : Anita's mom and dad also waved her goodbye as she started for her school. They were excited too for the first day of the school.
Scene 6 : The bus stopped at the school after a short ride. The school was quite big. Kids were excited to see the school as they stepped out of the bus. All the children moved towards the entrance gate.
Scene 7 : The teacher settled down Anita and her friends in the airy and bright classroom. After that the teacher gave her introduction. She told students about many activities they would do in the class.
Scene 8 : The teacher told the student that they would study every day. She said that they would learn to read and write very soon. She told the children a very funny story and everyone laughed.
Scene 9 : The teacher said, "we will start with alphabets. There are 26 alphabets. After that we will learn how to count numbers from 1 to 20. We will recite some poems and rhymes too." "Hurray!" exclaimed the children,
Scene 10 : Now it's time for lunch. All the students gathered in the school cafeteria. Everybody chose his favorite lunch. They were free to talk. Anita picked up her favorite lunch and ate heartily.
Scene 11 : After the lunch time was over children were free to go to the playground and have fun and play games. Anita and a few students played a game of football. Everyone said that Anita played very well.
After the game was over the teacher told students to draw and paint a beautiful art pieces. Students were given paper and colors. The teacher exhibited all the pictures on the wall. Anita painted a fruit tray.
It was the time to go to the library. All the students went there and picked up the picture story books. They tried to understand the story by watching the pictures. Anita also picked up a nice story book.
First day of the school was going to over now. The school bell rang. Anita bade goodbye to her teacher. It was such a nice and wonderful day. She learnt many new things.
All the students came out the school gate and said good bye to each other. Students boarded on the school bus. It was time to go to home. Anita said bye to her friends before she climbed on the bus.
Anita was very excited to share the wonderful experience of her first day at school with her Mom and Dad. They also wanted to hug her little girl.



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