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Register and have choice with freedom for your beloved life partner from Jain religions.
My Marriage app is for brides and grooms finding sole mate for Jain, Brahmin and Christian religions. Here we bring this app as per your choice and need. Also we taken Sub Castes in consideration while making design of this app.
"*My Marriage App FEATURES*"
* You can find Life Partner anytime
* We provide User Manual that describe how to use app.
* If you have any question, issue and suggestion you can send us text using Whats App to +91-8624933290 (24*7)
* Easy, Safe, Economical and Trusted Matrimonial App
* We have bio data for Professional as well as businessmen / Metro Cities, Urban Cities as well as rural area too.
* Feel free to write any suggestion to -
If you, you friends or relative eligible for marriage Download or Suggests this app.
Ajit Shah
+ 91 8624933290.( Whats App Only)
Email -



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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