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My Photo Music Player Serve to User Photo With Background Identity For Playing Music In Various way Its Great Experience With Different Music Play With Own Creative Image It Is More Interesting And Identify Music List Try And feel The Own Music playing With Own Identity
You can changing the background image to your own photo or image and more default background.
My Photo Music Player is an amazing concept of photography in music player to set your photo or your lover photo whatever you like to set you can set easily.
My Photo Music Player provide user change images and set it into music screen,home screen and main screen.
Customize your family, friends, lovers, the main screen with the self-camera pictures, your favorite celebrity star, cute pets, animated images, beautiful and wonderful scenery taken trips go, athletes, etc. that favorite style. Download and customize your music player.
We add equalizer in My Photo Music Player that will help to set bass, Classical music, Dance with music ,Flat change , Hip Hop Song, Pop Effect, Rock Effect, Bing Crosby Music, Frank Sinatara Music, Vince Gauaraldi Music, Elvis Presley Music, Latest Dance Music, Hip Hop Music, Latest Dance English Music, US top-20 Music, Jastin Bieber Music, Devid Guetta Music, Enrique Iglesias Music, Akon Music, Pitbull Music, Lady Gaga Music, selena Gomez Music, Maroon 5 Music, Best Dj Music, Trending Hip Hop Music, Bollywood Music, Love Music, UK Pop Music, International Top Music, AR Rahaman Music, Amitabh Bachchan Music, Shahrookh khan Music in equalizer.
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Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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