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My Smart Note helps you save your texts under full encryption within your device
What are the application features?
* Use the password to enter the application
* You can turn off the password request when you log in
* Add text with attached text
*Search for your note
What is the text of the attachment?
  It helps you to put more commonly used texts such as e-mail and passwords to copy quickly
* Can edit, view or delete any category
* Can be changed between more than one language
* Any section can be compressed to copy content
* Make a backup of all categories of texts within a single file under full encryption based on the password chosen .. Usually used in the case of Format for your device
* All categories can be retrieved once a file has been placed in its correct location and password entered when backing up
* You can change the password and all categories will be based on the new password ..
except the backup file
* More features..



Version: 1.1.2

Requires: Android4.3 or later


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