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Taxes are complicated.
It’s hard to figure out the tax rules. It’s a hassle to keep track of the paperwork. It’s easy to make mistakes.
Mistakes can be costly.
If you don’t report enough tax, you may end up paying interest and penalties. If you report too much tax, you’re making payments that you don’t need to make.
My1040 helps you avoid mistakes.
My1040 teaches you a little bit about the tax rules. My1040 helps you track and report your expenses. My1040 even organizes and saves your receipts.
My1040 can track all your expenses.
for business, donations and health care. All
personal expenses
including donations, education, health care and dependent care. All
business expenses
of freelancers and microbusinesses. All
work expenses
of employees. Anything else that you want to track.
My1040 is completely free.
There are no fees, ads or things to buy. We don’t use or sell your data.
My1040 is simple.
We work hard to keep My1040 as simple as possible.
My 1040 is private.
My1040 does not collect or access your data. Your data is saved on your device, and you control your data.
My1040 works.
Our team has decades of experience with tax laws and software development.
Help us make My1040 even better. Visit
our website
to learn more and provide feedback.




Requires: Android4.1 or later


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