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MyScoliCare is an app that helps scoliosis patients wear their brace diligently and do Schroth, a type of physical therapy which is prescribed by an orthopedist and taught by a certified Schroth therapist.
Our app has the following features:
- Log in when the user wears his/her brace and track the daily average, lifetime average, and daily hours in the brace.
- Cycle through the Schroth exercises that the therapist has instructed the user to do.
- Automatic counting of the Schroth breathing with voice cues and settings that can be set up by the therapist.
- Take videos of the user doing the exercises in the clinic and view them while doing the therapy at home.
- Awarding of points when the brace is worn and the therapy is done.
- Notifications can be set when the user wants to wear his/her brace and do Schroth therapy
DISCLAIMER - This app is only intended for patients under the care of an orthopedist and/or a certified Schroth therapist. We are not liable for the misuse of this app. If you suspect you have scoliosis please contact your physician or an orthopedist first.
This app is created by Claris and Cleah (The CobraCoders).



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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