NFC Password Safe

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NFC Password Safe allows you to securely access all your passwords with only one touch.
-one click password unlock
-secured with symmetric AES256 encryption
-backup and share to other android devices via export and import to or from e.g. Dropbox or e-mail
-password generator for easy generation of new, secure passwords
-automatic logout after a set time in idle
-up to two backup tags can be added in case you lose your tag
-custom keyboard for inserting your passwords in a web browser for example
To secure your data, all the information is stored encrypted by an AES256 symmetric algorithm. In addition to this, the code is obfuscated by ProGuard to prevent reverse engineering.
First steps:
1. Scan an NFC-tag to create your account.
2. [optional] Enter a four digit key to secure your passwords even more.
3. Add your passwords by pressing the green '+' symbol.
4. Show your passwords by simply clicking on the particular entry
5. Edit your password by a long click on the password entry
6. [optional] Add additional keys and create backups
NOTE: Identity cards supporting NFC are not suitable for the application, because the cards ID changes on every scan.



Version: 3.4.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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