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Nature Photo Editor 2018 - Nature Photo Frames is a photo editor app with background pictures& stickers. It has a wonderful collection of tendifferent types of backgrounds. It has 1500+backgrounds and 1200+ stickers totally. It means fun is unlimited in this app.
After downloaded this Nature Photo Editor 2018, you will be fully busy with this app by setting up multiple category backgrounds and stickers in your photos. Category wise you get 100+ backgrounds and stickers. In addition to that new backgrounds are added every week in order to make you engage with this app regularly.
Now the choice is yours. Will you download thisNature Photo Editor 2018 to get ten different types of apps’ features or ten different apps to get the same features? If your choice is first one then you will definitely download this app to getall the features.
Nature is forest, green hill, waterfall, beach, sunrise, sunset etc. This apps’ picture collection will give you entirely new experience in photo editing. You can also get a chance to set your photo on various types of beautiful natural backgroundsor set Blur background to your photos in thisNature Photo Editor 2018. Moreover you can beautify them with face and photo stickers. Youwill able to do photo editing perfectly in this appwithout any latest technology.
Background of any image can be changed in this Nature Photo Editor 2018 by erase the background with the help of eraser and change the background or Cut out the image and paste it on any background with the help of cut paste tool.
Nature Photo Editor 2018 is completely a user-friendly app. it is because each and every feature has been designed by keeping users and their taste in our mind. We have taken more care while designing and developing each & every functionality. Our only aimis, this app must be a user-friendly app and it must be easily operated by anyone including a child.
Download this Nature Photo Editor 2018 and definitely you will recommend it to others. We don’t do any kind of advertisements. The reason is our users are our advertisers.
Nature Photo Editor 2018 has a wide range of background image collections.
Snowfall – beautiful snowfall images from various locations
City – world famous cities images
Garden – world famous amazing garden image collections
Waterfall- wonderful collection of waterfall photos
Nature – Fantastic natural images
Love – love images & stickers
Miss you – awesome miss you images are in this nature frames app.
Village – fantastic collection of beautiful village images
Wild animal – attractive animal images
Green hill – greenish hills images
List of Stickers in nature photo editor2018
• Snowfall sticker
• Dog ears, mouth and Tongue sticker
• Cat ears and mouth sticker
• Candy stickers
• Love
• Mouth
• Beard
• Mustache
• Tie
• Sunglass
• Man hair
• Woman Hair
• Women Hat
• Tattoo
• Smiley sticker
• Wedding flower crowns
• Clown face
• Carnival face mask
• Take Selfie or Take pics with your camera or select gallery photos
• Nature photo frames app has Crop image option to remove unwanted part from it
• Unwanted background can be removed by erase option.
• Select and set natureor any other photo background with your photo.Alternatively, either leave it with white background or add any single color background from the list.
• Select a Mustache or Beard or Hair etc. from the list and drag it to the right position, rotate it, multi touch to resize it and fit on your face.
• Nature Photo Editor 2018 has flip effect to apply on images & stickers
• Color effects will make your pic colorful & Beautiful
• Nature photo editor has text option to add text on your photos / selfies / background images
• Final image can be set as device wallpaper.
• You can save the final image edited in this Nature Photo Editor 2018 and share with your friends or girlfriends on any social media network.



Version: 1.0.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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