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Amazing live geolocation wallpaper!
Wherever you will go, live wallpaper will show photos of places near you. All photos are presented in a lovely old look style. Imagine you are visiting Paris and standing next to the Eifell tower. Live wallpaper will show you images of this place which were taken by other visitors there. Discover these places from different perspectives!
How does it work?
Pick Nearby Photos as your wallpaper and it will use your current location, look for photos near you and display them as wallpapers on your device.
It uses as image source.
Will it drain my battery?
No. Most of time it acts as a normal static image wallpaper.
Does it use a lot of data?
We try to reduce the data stream to minimum. All nearby images are downloaded only once and cached on your SD card.
Is it free?
Yes it is FREE. If you like it, you should check our other app - Pencil Camera HD.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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