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Black Cat Nero to store cute voice and posing.Up to four(free is two) recordings voices and arm gesture.hide install of lovers phone or declared message ofyour phone.If you do not have anything to follow the voice of a cat owner.Meet Talking Cat Nero.How to use- Basic Operation -1. When you run the program and finally hear the voice saved will appear.2. Anything to do is follow the voice of a cat owner.- recording and play -1. Nero's hand, touch-drag.(posing a set of arms)2. If you touch mistake, touch bellied(left bellied is left arm, right bellied is right arm)3. ● Touch the Record.4. ▶ touch and play.- Play The basic message -1. If you do not have a saved message playback by touching ▶2. If you want clear the saved messages, you must touch ● and quickly touch▶.[tag] Voice, Messenger, Flick, Squeaker, my brother this, sayings, palpitations, celebrities, once and for all notepad diary, compatibility, horoscope of the day, yeonaeun, then My People Cultivation, gagebu, cats, olretok



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 2.1 or later


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