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The Net Up-wifi privacy security App encrypts your network with the SSL encryption protocol, and ensures that your data is not deciphered, protecting the user's data and information.
Especially suitable for the following scenarios:
1. Use banking, financial App, and access to such web sites;
2. Use social apps, you neeed to prevent personal information from being leaked;
3. in the Public wifi network.
In addition, we also offer the following features:
1.vpn , providing nodes such as Germany, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc, free to use.
2. scan the wifi environment. When you join a wifi network, Net Up evaluates the security of the network and confirms if the network is secure. At the same time, it can identify the dangerous user on the same network.
   Of course, malicious programs are constantly changing and we recommend that you use the encryption mode to access the Internet.
3. Protect your home wifi. Check for password leaks and anyone illegally using your network.
4. Custom video programs, we can provide you with video programs according to your interests.



Version: 1.2.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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