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Extend your Ambilight TV experience to your hue light bulbs with the new Ambilight+hue app!
Using your Ambilight TV and hue light bulbs, this app creates a complete experience in your Ambilight TV room!
After connecting to your Ambilight TV and hue light bulbs, it will extend the Ambilight colors to your selected hue light bulbs.
Simply drag and drop them to set their location and watch their color match your Ambilight television!
Adjust the experience according to your preferences with the sliders.
The hue light bulbs return to their initial color and brightness when the experience is turned off.
To get started you'll need:
- Philips Ambilight TVs between 2011 and 2014.
- Philips hue personal wireless lighting system starter pack
Things to take note of:
- In case of an incoming call, the Ambilight+hue experience will pause;
- For the best experience and the latest fixes (performance, connectivity and responsiveness), download the latest TV software via your TV (supported models) or from the Philips website (
- Let us know what you think!
Enjoy the experience



Version: 2.0.09

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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