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"This app allows you to create a central and easy-to-use control system on your smartphone or tablet. The user-friendly interface gives you access to all the functions of the Niko Home Control installation, such as lighting, roll-down shutters and ventilation.
What do I need?
Niko Home Control is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Slovakia, Sweden and Poland. Your Niko Home Control installation needs to contain a connected controller (550-00003) or wireless smarthub (552-00001) and has to be connected to the internet. The installation needs to be running Niko Home Control II programming software 2.0.1 (or more recent). If your installation contains a controller (550-00001) or was programmed with an older version of the Niko Home Control programming software, please use the previous version of the Niko Home Control app.
• Control from everywhere in the world if the installation is registered on
• Add your favourite controls to your Favourites screen.
• Receive pre-configured notifications from your installation.
Select your favourite controls from the complete list of controls to make them easily accessible.
All controls are listed per room. Remotely control your (dimmed) lights, ventilation, roll-down shutters or sun blinds. Instant feedback.
• Set up and configure your Niko Home Control installation on traditional wiring
• Check the status of the installation and/or connection
• View the support information.
Receive preconfigured notifications from your Niko Home Control installation. Get information about what is happening at home: movement detected, kids are at home.
By downloading the iOS app for Niko Home Control, you accept the terms and conditions of the Niko Home Control app (iOS) which you can find on, “Legal & privacy”."




Requires: Android5.0 or later


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