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Noire Company produces the first designer handbags connected to a mobile app. Each handbag has a unique visible code that is linked to a single user profile.
Using the mobile app, users can build their profiles and share outfits, shopping hauls, and fashion ideas with other users around the world. If you spot someone with an outfit you love, simply search for them by the unique code on their handbag to view their fashion profile.
Anyone is able to download the app and create a member profile completely FREE. Those who own a Noire handbag will have special highlighting on their profiles and access to VIP features on the app.
- Fashion profiles, Outfits, Hauls, Tags, Fashion feed
- Handbags with unique searchable codes - Let others discover your style via your handbag
- New concept - Connecting online & offline fashion
- Place where you can share as many outfits and hauls as you want, every day
- Protection against bag plagiarism with one-to-one bag - profile connection

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What's New Noire

bug fixes
better performance



Version: 1.5.9

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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