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OP-mobile is a convenient and secure app for managing your banking and insurance matters whenever and wherever you are. Beginning its use is quick and easy. Going everywhere with you, OP-mobile is in fact now the most popular daily transaction channel offered by OP!
OP customers can download and use OP-mobile free of charge and login with their online bank user identifiers.
OP-mobile enables you to:
• make transfers between your own accounts without a key code
• pay invoices using a barcode
• view your account balance and salary data
• view your loan details and make extra loan repayments
• buy and sell stocks without key code
• see your insurance details
• file a loss report rapidly
• search for instructions and help in the case of a loss, damage or accident
• show your travel insurance card in the destination country's language
• locate the nearest Otto ATM or OP branch
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Why does OP-mobile ask permissions to use my device's other applications, such as contact information, camera or phone?
Answer: The reasons why OP-mobile requires permissions, by application:
• Contacts: needed for retrieving the payee's phone number for Siirto payments
• Location: needed for locating the nearest bank branch and Otto ATM and for routing and directions
• Phone: needed for enabling you to call directly from OP-mobile the customer service numbers of OP's banking and insurance services
• Photos/Media/Files: needed for enabling you to use OP-mobile for saving receipts of payments you have made or account transactions on your device
• Camera: needed for reading a barcode on a bill
Question: Why are screenshots blocked?
Answer: Screenshots may contain information subject to bank secrecy. Since screenshots are stored in the device's cache, sensitive information may remain there for a long time after you have logged out. All screenshots are blocked to help guarantee that the user's information is only shown to the user who is logged in.
Question: Why can't I use OP-mobile with Android Developer Preview versions?
Answer: We can only guarantee the secure operation of OP-mobile for officially released Android versions.
Question: Why doesn't fingerprint authentication function in my device?
Answer: For some devices, there may be shortcomings in the implementation of fingerprint functionality which then prevent enabling fingerprint authentication on OP-mobile.
Question: Where can I find my salary data?
Answer: To see your salary data on OP-mobile, go to Daily banking, Accounts and cards. You can see the Salary data button at the bottom of the screen.
Question: My device is rooted. Will OP-mobile function normally on my device?
Answer: Use of OP-mobile is not prevented for rooted devices but, for data security reasons, we recommend you to unroot your device.
Question: Why does Google Play say that OP-mobile is not available in my country even if I am in Finland?
Answer: Google determines availability of apps based on the country setting of the user's Google Account.



Version: 20.0.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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