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Disclaimer: This is NOT an official Udemy app. This is an app made by a 3rd party developer, and was not created by Udemy, and is not associated with Udemy.
My Android app that provides Udemy course discounts and coupons just launched. I will continue to work on the app to bring you a bigger and bigger selection of Udemy course discounts and coupons so that you can leverage elearning to improve your career, make more money, or simply have a healthier or happier lifestyle.
There are over 20,000 courses on Udemy, and you can learn just about anything on Udemy. What this app will do is find coupons and discount codes for more and more Udemy courses, and bring you Udemy course discounts for up to 97% OFF the regular price, and some coupons to make the courses free.
This app will help you make your continuing education affordable and enjoyable because the courses are all video-based courses. Since the courses are almost entirely video, it will take you a much shorter amount of time to learn something from the course instead of learning it from a book. And since this app gives you very steep discounts, your learning experience will also be much cheaper than even some books, and much cheaper than hiring a coach.
Go ahead and download our Udemy discounts and coupon codes app, and begin your journey to learn anything.
This version of the app is the alpha release. The alpha release contains disconts and coupons on 25 Udemy courses including:
- Discounts and coupons on marketing courses on SEO, social media with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and publicity
- Discounts and coupons on health and fitness courses on boxing, kickboxing and calisthenics
- Discounts and coupons on entrepreneurship courses that teach people how to write a business plan, how to start a business, business law, and other entrepreneurship concepts.
- Discounts and coupons on software development courses like Android software development and programming with mobile app marketing
- Discounts and coupons on philosophy online course
In the next versions of the apps we will add more online course categories to have Udemy course discounts on additional types of courses like the development category on Udemy. Within that category, some of the online courses cover topics like design, web development, mobile apps, game development, database programming, software testing, software engineering, development tools, and courses on ecommerce.
Another category of elearning courses we hope to bring you soon are discount coupons on more business courses. Some of the subcategories in the business course category are: finance, entrepreneurship, business communication, management, business strategy, sales, operations, business and startup law, data, analytics, home business, human resources and real estate.
Another Udemy course category is office productivity covering software from Apple, Google, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and other software from Fortune 500 companies.
Another Udemy course category is personal development. Some of the course discounts and coupons that we will bring you will be on personal development, leadership, productivity, personal finance, relationships and parenting courses, happiness, career development, religion, spirituality, personal brand building, happiness, self esteem, stress management and motivation.
Another Udemy course category where we plan to add coupons to bring you great discounts is the marketing category. The marketing category includes sub-categories with courses on digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing course that cover the biggest social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and others courses like business branding, analytics, marketing automation, marketing introduction and fundamentals, public relations, advertising courses, video marketing and mobile app marketing courses, content marketing, non-digital marketing, growth hacking, and affiliate marketing.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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