Ostrzeganie meteo P.Limanowski

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The application has an innovative functionality to receive notifications about the upcoming storm or other danger. In addition, an application used to share important information not related to the meteorological hazards.
The application allows you to keep track of the emerging and existing storm cells on the selected area of ​​the province of Malopolska with the focal point in Limanowa. Unlike other tools available application uses data from meteorological stations and storm detector new generation installed in Limanowa. With this application, we very carefully monitor the conditions conducive to the formation of a storm and the same storms. In addition to the location of storm cells also get information about the type of discharge (IC - discharge cloud-cloud; CG - discharge cloud-to-ground), as well as the intensity of the storm and the exact statistics occurring phenomena.
Additionally, we have access to current meteorological conditions downloaded from the autonomous weather station in Limanowa. The application is ideal for emergency services, tourist guides, tourists, enthusiasts of meteorology as well as residents of the area who want to have access to the latest meteorological data and wish to obtain timely information about the impending threat (due to the application can obtain information about the risk of hail).
The application was created as part of the project Ensuring the safety of the residents of the District Limanowskiego by creating a system of monitoring and warning of natural disasters and the purchase of necessary equipment Sub-measure 5.1.2 Support for emergency services under the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 "



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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