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This is the official PCB Wallpapers app which contains high-quality images. Just choose your wallpaper the normal way, and look for a new option "PCB Wallpapers". Here you'll be able to see previews of all wallpapers and set one instantly.
Version 3.x has been completely rewritten to pull down wallpapers from the web, allowing for lesser storage usage on your device. You are also able to save wallpapers to the SDCARD (in the /SDCARD/PCB folder). The wallpaper can also be set directly from the app's interface.
The PCB Wallpapers app is based on code from Ben Lee. Be sure to check out full-featured PCB Themes for many apps below:
▒▓ PCB Wallpapers Homepage ▓▒
(Keep an eye on this page to discover when new wallpapers are added to the app, since the actual app itself will not need to be updated through Google Play)
▒▓ PCB Series of Themes ▓▒
▒▓ PCB Series ⁞ for TSF Shell ▓▒
▒▓ PCB Website (everything PCB is here!) ▓▒
Please don't forget to rate this small app, and also check out our other work above!



Version: 3.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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