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There can be no better source to learn core PHP than documentation itself. This is a full PHP tutorial App disguised as PHP documentation. This App provides a comprehensive knowledge of PHP language and is a must have App for Basic as well as Advanced PHP users. In fact, anyone can become a PHP expert if he/she references this documentation regularly.
This PHP documentation is divided into different sections. Each section covers multiple topics belonging to that category. Topics are well explained so as a basic user can also understand. Also, each topic contains multiple self explanatory examples to understand the topic better.
Highlight of topics covered:
- PHP installation and configuratioin
- Basics of PHP language
- PHP functions reference
- Classes and Objects
- Exception Handling
- PHP Magic Quotes
- File System and Database security
- Magic Quotes
- Forms, Sessions and Cookies Handling
- Database handling
- Configuring PHP extensions (Database, File System, Date and Time, Cryptography, Credit card, etc.)
- Text processing
- XML manipulation
- Multimedia handling, etc.
and many more topics........
Just have it in your mobile and reference it from time to time to get hold of PHP completely.
- You can bookmark a topic that is important to you and just browse it without having to search through documentation again.
- You can even bookmark a search result.
- Complete PHP documentation is offline. No need of internet connection to browse the documentation.



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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