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Puzzles is Hindi related to science, nature, animals etc.
See if you can beat them all.
Paheli or Riddles is all about teasing your brain and exercising your logic, deduction, and reasoning skills! Test your skills on tons of fun riddles! paheliyan app provides hours of brain-teasing fun, so dig in and good luck!
Give each riddle your best shot and then tap in your answer. Some riddles are easy, but others will take some thinking.
Its always fun to solve paheliyan or Riddles since your brain is like a muscle. If you exercise it, you'll have a fit brain.
You can share paheli with your friend also.
Application consists of paheli (riddles).
In this app, number of riddles (paheli) are 1000.
Paheli is a logical question or hindi puzzle.
Each paheli has its answer but the answer is in hidden mode.
After clicking on button, users will be able to see the answers.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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