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Who are we?
For any dish you crave and anywhere you wish to have it, we’re here at your beck and call, literally! Palatable Inc is your go-to food app for takeouts, home deliveries, and dine ins.
Unique features on the app
Choose what you see
You select your food preferences based on lifestyle diets, allergies, and cuisines while signing up with Palatable Inc. So, go ahead and customize your preferences and see more of what you like.
Know what you eat
For every dish you wish to eat, you can keep an eye out for healthy ingredients, allergy-free contents, and other dietary requirements if you have any.
Tend to your allergies
We know it stinks when you want to order a dish but are allergic to its ingredients, but we’ve got that covered for you. You can now look for dishes that do not contain allergens such as gluten, dairy, peanuts, seafood, sesame, soy, sulfite, and tree nuts.
Stay true to your lifestyle diets
You deserve to eat delectable even if you adhere to a certain lifestyle diet. We value you because you value your values! Whether it be vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, paleo, pescatarian, and vegan, you’re sorted.
Pick a cuisine from places you’ve never been
You can’t travel the world in a day, but we bring the cuisines of the world to you from the best restaurants near you under one roof. Order any dish online native to cuisines such as Indian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Thai, Mexican, and Spanish among others.
A 3-Way Street For Placing Orders
You’re out?... Order takeout!
You’re in?... Order in!
Going for a spin?... Choose to dine in!
All restaurants on the app offer takeouts. So, if you’re the person who’s always on the go, then takeouts are for you!
Dine in-
A few restaurants provide dine ins. If you’re the one who’s all about exquisite meals in exquisite places, then you’ll love this added feature to dine in. Simply find a Palatable restaurant, get a table, send a message containing the table code to the phone number placed there, and then simply follow the restaurant link and type in the required details to book a table and further proceed to ordering on the app.
If you’re too lazy to step out, ill, or need to run some errands, simply order in. It’s a delight to eat food in the comfort of your home. Not all restaurants provide food delivery but for those that do, extra charges may apply.
A Deal-icious App
Palatable restaurants are all for giving! So, get ready to have your taste buds pampered with exciting deals at lower prices, every once in a while.
Pay Smart
In this digital age, we strive for a greater cause – saving paper. Simply make your payments via card or Apple/Google Pay and help us go cashless!



Version: 0.0.21

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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