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Internet service providers are considered as the first level support for the internet subscribers in the BSA module accordingly they have to make the needed diagnostics and trouble shooting for the ADSL users if any of them has a faulty line. Once the line is tested via phone and it is still the problem exists then the ISP's technical team should visit the customer to check in site and solve it if it is related the IP part related to the said ISP. This will work in parallel with an ISPs faults handling portal which is considered as the source of data that the mobile app retrieved from.
By logging to the application the ISP technical team is able to check the trouble tickets adding by the ISP for its customers and it is easy for him to start the trouble shooting after entering the tel. Number of the faulty line and start the process of step by step trouble shooting until having clear idea about the physical problem and its cause. At this time the technician will repair the line and close the ticket on the mobile app that will be reflected to the portal and ad a result on the CRM of the company.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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