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Panchang is a Jyotish, Hindu Calendar based Android App. This app Displays Panchang i.e, Five Attributes of the day of Hindu Calander Tithi(Paksha), Nakshatra, Yog, Karan, Rashi.
Panchang is also known with names like or Panchangam, Panchaka, Panjika etc in different states and places in India.
» Daily Panchang in English Language.
» Simplest & Minimalist Interface for Distraction Free Quick Information.
» Tithi is shown with Tithi Ending Time
» Nakshatra is shown with Nakshatra Ending Time
» You can set the Date from menu to which you want to see Panchang of, select date & click Done, Default is Todays Panchang.
» You can also set the Time Zone for which you want to see Hindi Date/Tithi etc Panchang of, Select TimeZone & click Done, Default TimeZone is 05:20 East (+5.5).
» Support all Possible TimeZones around the Globe. Choose your own location Country via TimeZone.
Default Parameters:
Time Zone : IST [05E30 / UTC+5.5]
Time : 05:30 AM IST
Date : Today
Default time for calculation is 05:30 and NOT Sunrise time, which varies slightly from 5:30AM, and hence Results may vary.
Calculations Provided By R.B.Dhawan Guruji (
Developers (
App is Provided As-is, Without any Liability on Calculations Provider, Developer or Anyone Else.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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