Parallax Nature: Summer Day 3D Gyro Wallpaper

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A beautiful painting of a summer day out in the countryside :-) With fascinating 3D parallax effect!

Wonderful dynamic 3D landscape scene with parallax effect of a sunny summer day at the lake

A gentle wind rustles through the leaves of the trees, and the grass

Gentle wind and water waves create an incredibly vivid impression

Enjoy the reflections of the scenery on the water

In the scene you can see a painting, as if someone was just about to finish painting the landscape

Customize the scene by using your own photos for this painting

It's soooo romantic ;-) (→Put a photo of your darling on the painting! He/she will love it! ;-)

3D Parallax Effect
using sensors: works with
gyroscope OR accelerometer / compass

Continuous depth: Not just another Parallax Wallpaper with a fixed number of depth layers, it's continuous

Parallax strength and sensor type (gyroscope or accelerometer / compass) can be adjusted

HD resolution textures, made for tablets (but works on phones as well, of course)!

High Performance: Optimal FPS! (at least on my Galaxy S4, Nexus and LG P920 ;-)

It's 100% ad-free! No unnecessary permissions required! :-)
Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing. It's surprising but then the 3D effect is even more impressive.
This is the
Parallax Nature: Summer Day XL
. Nevertheless, it is 100 percent ad-free! If you want to support me, you can buy
Parallax Nature: Summer Day XL
and get some extra features (e.g. an additional night-scene and butterflies) :-) For the Pro-Version (or other interesting stuff), please check my other apps.
Oh and one more thing:
Please don't forget to go out and enjoy
nature! It's still by far the most beautiful Live-Wallpaper ;-)
OK. That's all. Peace :-)



Version: 1.0.7

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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