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Password Book is an application which helps you manage your accounts with user names passwords and notes directly on your mobile phone in a secure way.With Password Book, You would never have trouble remembering which password you use for which account.You can put all your accounts in one database which is locked with one master password.You only have to remember one single master password to unlock the whole database.The accounts in database are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithm.Key FeaturesSimple, intuitive interfacePassword Book features a simple, intuitive interface that lets users set up their account database in minutes.Strong protectionThe accounts are protected using 128bit AES encryption.Dropbox backuprestoreThe application supports Dropbox data backuprestore. This makes data backup and transfer even easier.The backup is encrypted by masterpassword.Random password generator Whenever you need to create a new password, Password Book can generate one that is of highquality, and use password policies under you control.



Version: 4.4.0

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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