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Pedometer counts your steps when you walk or run. It lets you to know the number of calories you burn, distance walked, walking time and speed per hour.
Pedometer Step Counter is easy to use. Just launch the application, put your smartphone in your pocket or continue to use like you want and Pedometer will record your steps in background.
To help you to know number of steps you walked and your pace or speed by easy step counter.
A lof of configuration settings are available letting you to adapt Pedometer to your needs:
- Sensitivity
- Operational level
- Imperial (miles) or metric (kilometers) units
- Steps length
- Body Weight to calculate calories you burn
- Exercise type to calculate calories burned
- Maintain pace and speed
Download FREE Pedometer Step Counter App now and count that that how much you have burnt your total calorie throw-outs the day while walking or running tracker app.
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Version: 1.3

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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