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The "Perfect English Pronunciation" (PEP) app is the perfect app for anyone seeking to reduce their accent and improve their English pronunciation. These easy to use, comprehensive lessons include: retraining your articulation muscles, interactive jaw exercises and face diagrams to instruct proper tongue placement. Simply follow these lessons and daily exercises and you will be on your way to speaking clearer English. You can also practice and track your progress with the included audio and video recorder features.
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The most effective method for reducing your accent. Her accent reduction approach is so unique and effective, it has been trademarked as "The Cameron Method"
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Original Contents "Perfecting Your English Pronunciation "
ISBN-13: 978-0071750172 ISBN-10: 0071750177 Edition: 1st
*Table of contents Introduction*
Part I Getting Started
1. Retraining the Articulation Muscles
2. The IPA
Part II The Difficult Sounds of English
3. The Consonant TH
4. The Consonant R
5. The Consonant L
6. The Consonant NG
7. The Labial Consonants B, V, and W
8. The Consonant J/G
9.-16. Vowels with IPA symbols
Part III The Rhythm of English
17. Syllable Stress w/in Words
18. Word Stress w/in Sentences
Part IV Putting it all Together
19. Marking a Speech
20. The Results Appendices



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Requires: Android2.3 or later


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