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Nowadays they are very popular so-called cloud services. For the uninitiated user this may seem like magic. You can open your browser and it works without the need for additional software. Change something here and it instantly appears there.
This is due to the fact that the devices are developed sufficiently, as well as by computing power, and as a communication power. In your pocket you have a device that is capable of millions of operations per second. However, many applications use additional software located anywhere in the world. So while you sit in your bed, your data goes through Chinese, Russian and American servers.
True, the data that is stored is under some conditions. But who reads the terms and conditions. Who could stop the administrator of that data to access it, to provide it to the government a third party or an attacker to steal it despite security guarantees? Absolutely none!
A better option is your data never go out of your device or your computer network and this is what we aim to achieve with this application.
You can download a version of the application for other platforms from this URL:



Version: 0.0.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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