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Phonetic reading tries to teach relationships between letter patterns within words (graphemes) and the sounds in words (phonemes). This system helps a child learn to read through regular supported practice of the decoding process, normally by the use of images to indicate the sound or sounds represented by each letter or group of letters in a word.In the application main screen you can select the week (the set of words) to work with (select the week and press the load-words button.The application menu allows you filling the table with the words to be used later (in the main screen).You can select the week in whose file the words will be saved. Thus, you can have words for several weeks (no need of changing them too often).The table screen allows to examine each week words-file. Of course, those words can be changed.In order to make the Tex-To-Speech engine work, you must enter the android settings, then the voice preferences. There, you have to configure TTS Settings (start the engine if necessary, and install the data files if required).



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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