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Over 28 free filter Get access to all the filters you need with Photo Filters Get access to 28 free filters which you can use to edit your photos.Free filters:Alien, Black amp; White, Border, Color filter, Emboss, Exposure, Fisheye, Flip, FreiChen edge, Gain, Gray tint, Grayscale, Invert, Jitter, Mirror, Offset, Pixelate, Prewitt edge, Quantize, Random, Retro, Sepia, Sharpen, Smoothen, Swap, Tile, Tint, TransparencyFilters you get when you buy the pro version:ARGB, Brightness, Bulge, Channel mix, Circle, Contrast, Contrast amp; Brightness, Diffuse, Dissolve, Edge detect, Emboss color, Gamma, Gamma RGB, Gaussian blur, Change HueSaturationLuminosity, Infrared, Kaleidoscope, Map, Marble, Mask, Mean removal, Noise, Pinch, Polar, Posterize, Reflection, Rescale, Ripple, Rotate, Solarize, Sphere, Swim, Threshold, Tiltshift, Timewarp, Tritone, Twirl, Water, WaveFeatures: Load an image from the memorysdcard or take a picture using the Android camera application Small preview thumbnails of all filters Share the image by email, facebook etcupload to Imgur copies url to clipboard Save the image choose save location, save to pictures folder or overwrite opened image Set the maximum width andor height of the edited image, change the filename and more settingsVisit us on: http:www.icecoldapps.comFollow us on Twitter: https:twitter.comIceColdAppsLike us on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comIceColdAppsKeywords:Photo, distortion, filter, filters, effects, cool, beautiful, photograph, distortion, look, picture, snap, photography, shot, cool, edit, fun, funny, complete, all photo effects, editor, edit, Change AlphaRedGreenBlue



Version: 2.2

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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