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It is a keyboard for the music that it can play with a tone of General MIDIGMIt is a keyboard for the music that it can play with a tone of General MIDI GMIt is possible to perform with the keyboard of two octaves with a touch screen.The Multitouch is possible The tone that can be used is as follows. 128 tonesPiano, Sax, guitar drum etc. of General MIDI GM 61 sounds of percussion of General MIDI GMThe octave can be adjusted by eight stages.If two or more terminals are used, the orchestra is not a dream. More infomation http:skyarts.comproductsandroidpianotones Attention for this free edition This free edition is intended to have you know the function of the pay version.In addition, distribute it for the person who cannot purchase a pay version.Please think about the purchase of the pay version when you can buy a pay version.When an advertisement with the interest was displayed, the one that you cannot purchase taps an advertisement, and please display it.Despite a free edition, the development is not free of charge. Because it is necessary to have you support a developer to use some contents please cooperate.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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