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Pingify is a free mobile utility app for testing network coverage, Internet reliability, and VPN dependability. Use it to discover the best locations for streaming, making calls, or browsing the Internet. Also, uncover where and why you get slow Internet so you can avoid dead zones and poor coverage areas.
How it Works
Once you start a test from the app, Pingify sends small data messages called pings across your available Internet connections: Wi-Fi, LTE or any VPN service you might be using. It displays the real-time latency for each connection.
Pingify also logs the location for each ping, so you can clearly see when and where your connections are working--or failing.
What to Do with the Pingify Data
When running a Pingify test, the data will be logged locally on your Android device. You can use it in so many ways!
- Easily compare tests for each adapter’s connection reliability.
- Filter pings by location to determine areas with poor coverage or the locations of dead public Wi-Fi hotspots.
- See where the Internet is the fastest for each of your connections - ideal for live streaming!
- Export your data in .tsv format for further analysis and to share with team members or your ISP support department.
Permission Requests
Location: Allows a user to log and view GPS locations to determine where their connections are working or not functioning correctly.
Read/Write Requests



Version: 2.0.437

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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