Plank workout 30 day challenge: Lose weight

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Are you dreaming of making body flexible? You can now realize your dream! You have to do just this 5 minute plank exercises every day and see how your body will make difference with plank workout app.No gym equipment is needed
The Plank workouts Challenge/Lose weight is suitable for women of all ages. You do not need any equipment or special kind of machine, just your body.
The plank is a form of strength training that will never go away because it is very powerful and requires a little time on your part. The board will help you achieve substantial results in a short time. In our case only 1 month training
Plank workouts are an ideal exercise for the abdominal muscles, precisely because they affect all the major central muscle groups, including the transverse abdominals, the right abdomen, the outer oblique muscles, and the gluteal muscles.
Many people want to show their perfect abdominal muscles and body. These people have a very intense training plan to achieve the perfect body that everybody wants
.You can be one of those people who not only have perfect abdominal muscles, shape the body, and have good muscle, but also good posture. A good posture is important to make you look safer.
# Reduce the risk of back pains with Plank
Planking is a type of exercise that can create muscles at the same time ensuring that you do not put too much pressure on your spine or hips.
Improve posture
Build stamna with plank workout app
Lose weight and flat stomach
Plank workout 30 day challenge:Lose weight features
✓ Different Plank exercises of different complexity for all muscle groups;
✓ Each plank exercise contains instructions and videos of the implementation;
✓ Plank workout/Lose weight Training programs: perform excellent and different exercises daily, create your own Plank workouts, set the level of difficulty and duration. Doing sports with your personal table trainer;
✓ We have developed a special motivational system that monitors your results in the plank challenges
✓ A system of special notifications
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Requires: Android4.1 or later


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