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The Plant Manager is a cloud-based software that offers finite capacity planning and scheduling capability. With its installation, it is easy to forecast, plan, optimize and execute customer orders. It also helps in managing your resources optimally thus keeping operating costs down.
It was observed that there was no system on the SME shop floors which will give meaningful MIS data to the management. Hence Plant Manager was developed as a PPC software which helps in giving various MIS reports, does finite capacity planning and utilizes shop floor resources optimally. Available at a very meagre sum that can be paid monthly, the software helps schedule the production and increase the output.
Salient Features:
Plan & Schedule: Planning & scheduling based on different priority sequencing rules.
Control: Controlling your schedule by managing production at In house & Vendor sites.
Visibility & Control: Having greater visibility & control over manufacturing processes on day to day basis.
Satisfactory Deliveries: Managing on time satisfactory deliveries to the customers.
Reports: Generating scheduling, production output, operator efficiency, rejection, rework reports.
Flexible Solution: User friendly & easy to configure.
Downloadable List of MIS Reports:
Planning Reports:
1. Bulk Plan Report
2. Sales Plan and commitment report
3. Machine booking summary report
4. Machine Plan report
5. Consolidated schedule report
Production reports:
1. Daily Schedule Vs production report
2. Job card status report
3. Operator efficiency report
4. Shift list report
Analytical reports:
1. Delay report
2. Rejection Analysis
3. Rework Analysis
4. Lead Time Report
5. Machine wise OEE
6. Operator wise OEE



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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