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Have all your songbooks in your pocket. View,edit,import,transpose,backup ...Unique chords database application PocketChords let all your songbooks always be in your pocket.Application is designed as a online or offline portable chords database. Fetchyour chords from the Internet or import them from the existing txt or csv files add own tabs from SD Card.After fetching save it and use offline, edit in ChordEditor. You can create backup and open in excel on your PC.Create playlist, search history,transpose chords, play your music tracks in integrated Music player with unique part of song repating feature and play your guitar along with it..and so much more.Please, if you have any suggestion or critics, do not write a negative comment, just email us and we will try as soon as possible to meet your observation. Thank you.The basic application features :search for chords on Internet and view it in for chords in the local database and view it in ChordViewer. edit chord document in ChordEditortranspose your chordscreate and manage playlists and search historysearch for chords of locally stored music tracks mp3, wav,... while you play the tracks in SongPlayerreview current song on YouTubeedit previously stored chordsdocumentsexportimport backup stored chordsopen exported csv file in excel on your PCfind guitar chord scheme,fretboard note position and circle of



Version: 2.5

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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