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Ever you try to put together a schedule in Poli? Saw the number of times to confirm, sections, teachers there for the same subject? Poliplanner helps you quickly find optimal schedules that fit your needs, from hundreds of possible schedules.
Forget resort to pen and paper and cranear your schedule for hours.
So simple, Hours? Poliplanner.
Due to the proximity of the start of the registration period, the team Poliplanner decided to publish the app in beta, so some small graphics were pending adjustments, and may have minor errors. However, the team is still working to publish an update as soon as possible to solve these problems.
It will help the feedback that users can give us in the comments or mail indicated.
Thanks and Poliplannear times !!
The icons used in the app were obtained from:



Version: 0.7.9

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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