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Easy and Practical Recipes application is an application where you can find hundreds of tested recipes illustrated.
Every day they get new recipes and is reported by users to be notified each recipe ★ added.
Practical recipes is the most popular recipe application in Turkey.
This application is a description of how many people, preparation time, cooking time, materials, preparation of the pictures, you can find the video. You can reach faster by adding your favorite recipes to your favorites. Delicious recipes that you like you can share with your friends. You can publish your recipe in our application described in sending you
You can access this application to describe in the following categories will be added and many more categories:
-Aperatif on
-Dessert recipes
-Bakliyat Dishes
For -Baby
-For kids
-Your Soup Recipes
-Chi Seed Sweet
-Chi Pudding
-muzl chia pudding
-kakaol chia pudding
-Muzl Magnolia
Practical Dessert Recipes
-Easy Dessert Recipes
--Diyet Dessert Recipes
- Other Recipes
Making --Baharat
--Der To those stored in the freezer
Meals were --Dondurul
Preparations --Kış
--Reçel Recipes
--Salamur Recipes
--Sos Recipes
--Dairy products
--Turş Recipes
- Diet Foods
--Diyabetik Recipes
--Diyet Salad Recipes
--Diyet Dessert Recipes
--Diyet Recipes
The --Glut Diet Recipes
- Stuffed-Wrap Recipes
--Zeytinyağl the
- Meat foods
--Balık & Seafood
--Kebap Recipes
--Kırmız Meat Dishes
Recipe of the --Köf
--Sakatat Dishes
--Chicken foods
- Pastries Recipes
--Börek Recipes
--Çörek Recipes
--Ek To Recipes
--Kiş Recipes
--Krep Recipes
--Mant Recipes
Recipe of the --Pi
--Pizz Recipes
--Poğaç Recipes
- Drink Recipes
--Hot drinks
--Cold drinks
- Recipes for Breakfast
- Cookie Recipes
--Tatl Of Cookies
--Tuzl Of Cookies
- Pasta Recipes
- Rice Recipes
- Salads & Appetizers & Sofa
--Kanep Recipes
--Mez Recipes
--Salat Recipes
-Sandviç Recipes
-Vegetable food
--Home cooking
--Kızart Up Recipes
--Sul Recipes
--Zeytinyağl Recipes
-Dessert recipes
--Çikolatal Recipes
--Dondur Up Recipes
--Dondur Should Recipes
--Geleneksel Desserts
--Helv Recipes
--Kek Recipes
--Komposto Recipes
--Lok My Recipes
--Meyvel Desserts
Recipe of the --Pas
--Şerbetl Desserts
--Milky desserts
--Tart Recipes
-Yumurt Dishes
NOTE: Our applications are working without a net. Unlike an internet application that has hundreds of recipes new recipes added every day. The internet connection is required in order to reach our new recipes and other features.



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android3.2 or later


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