Chest Tracker for Clash Royale

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Basic Features:
1) Able to track your next four upcoming chests
2) Able to register your chest with next button and previous button
3) Able to jump instantly to your known chest position
Advanced Features:
1) Notification status bar - Now you do not need to quit Clash Royale just to update your obtained chest! Just simply pull the notification down and press next. You can even press previous if you accidentally pressed wrong!
1.1) Floating Widget - Don't like notification status bar to track in game? No worries! Now you can track using floating widget - more information, better planning!
2) Time left to your next golden, giant or magical chest - This allows you to instantly see how much time will you need to get to those chests and plan your gameplay more wisely!
3) Find your current position - This feature allows those people who do not know their current positions to find out where they are now. Simply input all the chests you have obtained into the analyzer and let it analyze for you ALL the possible positions. NOTE: This feature is currently in Alpha and will further be improved and possibly integrated with our notification feature so that you can register your chests on the fly :)
4) Built-in Official Chest Cycle - Now you can plan even further ahead in the future with our built-in chest cycle. There is also an information button for you to press that allows you to see "Total time needed" and "Amount of Silver, Golden, Magical, Giant chests needed" from Position X to Position Y.
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Version: 5.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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