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Beautiful Princess Coloring Games application with Beautiful Dresses, made for kids who really love beautiful princess figures with very beautiful dresses. Children can learn to match the right colors from beautiful princess images that have not been colored, this beautiful princess coloring game application is very good for increasing children's creativity, there are various types of princess images and beautiful dresses in this application, there are pictures of beautiful princesses, cute princesses, sleeping princesses, good daughters, princess kayangan, elegant princesses, royal princesses, and many more. There are several features that can be used in this Beautiful Princess Coloring Game Application with Beautiful Dresses, namely:
-Save button, used to store images that have been finished working on
Share buttons are used to share the finished image results with parents, friends and more
-back button, is used to change or change colors when the user incorrectly gives color to the image
- delete button, used to delete images that have been colored in the color sheet in the application
This Beautiful Princess Coloring Game Application with Beautiful Dresses has a look that is very indulgent to the eye, here the colors that can be used are also very varied, can use color gradations that make the colors in the image more alive, this application is also very easy to use takes up space Very little storage, so users don't have to worry about running out of storage space, then the images that have been given color can be saved and photographed as any profile that the user wants, then this Beautiful Princess Coloring Game with Beautiful Dresses is equipped with a player feature music automatically when children start coloring, making children more relaxed and not bored. Very nice
Happy coloring.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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