Principles of Management

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This is app contains basic information about principles of management app provides introduction to 14 principles of management by henry fayol, downloading this free offline app which helps you to make the first step in the world of management, business and economy.
This is the perfect start of study business management, thru this app you will easily & smoothly learn the basic and even some advanced topics of management and business.
This app is suitable for commerce and business undergraduate and BBA and MBA students, its also suitable for professionals and
experienced people who haven’t time to study about management and finance.
This app contains the following Topics:
★ Division of Labor
★ Party of Authority & Responsibility
★ Principle of One Boss
★ Unity of Direction
★ Equity
★ Order
★ Discipline
★ Initiative
★ Fair Remuneration
★ Stability of Tenure
★ Scalar Chain
★ Sub-Ordination of Individual Interest to General Interest
★ Espirit De’ Corps (can be achieved through unity of command)
★ Centralization & De-Centralization
Main Features:
★ This app is in easy English Language.
★ Simple app. Works offline. No internet connection needed!
★ Professionally designed, user-friendly and intuitive interface.
★ Clear Font for better readability.
★ Easy to use.
★ Zooming Available



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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