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How do I encrypt chat with famliy?
Lock photos don't want to be seen by others?
Don't want my family to peek at the phone?
We lock your app privacy through AppLock. AppLock encrypts your chat app, album and Lock App by password and pattern in two options. Prevent others from peeping your phone privacy.
Encrypt your App, create the safest, beautiful privacy encryption lock App
1. What is the app lock?
*In order to prevent the privacy of the phone is peeping, to prevent the information is being viewed, you need such a privacy lock app;
*AppLock can encrypt your chat app, encrypt your album and other privacy app;
*When you need to use these Chat App, you need to enter a password;
*So that you can protect your privacy and security.
2. Why use this AppLock
* Excellent development team to protect your privacy app, more secure;
* Provide a rich AppLock theme for you to choose, no monotonous;
* Continuous update to ensure stable app operation;
* Completely free app, value.
3. What are the protection features of AppLock?
* Protect the chat App and albums and other private App, access must use the password
* Provide digital password and pattern password
* Protect social software from being peeping
* You can encrypt all the software for your phone
4. How to use AppLock
* For the first time, please be sure to give the necessary authority (please be assured that all permissions are to protect your privacy)
* Enter your password and keep the password in mind
* Select the App you want to protect and check
5. Exquisite AppLock themes and wallpaper
* Offer a rich AppLock theme
* Beautiful wallpaper for you to choose
* Galaxy / Aurora theme wallpaper selected
When you open the protected private application again, you will find that you are going to enter the password that is not cool!



Version: 1.1.5

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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