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ProBonoPublico service is intended for people willing to engage in charity, namely, the need to provide highly professional services to legal services and psychological conditions on pro bono.
pro bono - international term, translated from the Latin - "for the sake of the public good" and means the professional assistance provided on a voluntary basis and without payment as a public service.
The essence of service is as follows: there are many people who find themselves temporarily in a difficult situation, there are many highly qualified professionals held, ready to provide assistance to these people, but the problem is that both these categories of people are not able to meet. And this is the main problem of pro bono in Russia. Service ProBonoPublico intended to establish communication between the people in need through social and charitable organizations, crisis centers, volunteers and people who are ready to provide highly qualified professional help - lawyers and psychologists.
ProBonoPublico service includes Mobile- & Web- application. Web - for the administrator (such as a crisis center) and mobile application - the user (eg a lawyer).



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android3.2 or later


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