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This is an essential app for scanning Qr and barcode.This is really quick and fast barcode scanner and its a very essential app for all the android devices.
The barcode reader and free qr code reader is easy to use and you can scan and see the info by just using this app and doing the quick barcode scan and qr code scan.
This app is really easy and simple to use as you point out to any Qr code or scanner it scans it completely and easily in just no time.There is no need to press any button and no need to take the photos and adjusting the phone camera as well,it scans whenever you point your android device and scans it automatically.
Qr & barcode scan can scan and read all the types of text,url,ISBN product qr codes.After scanning and automatic decoding user is provided with full details that are behind the qr code so the user can get the details.You can also use the qr code and barcode scanner to get the videos,coupons got scanned and receive many discount offers on them as well.
Scan the product barcodes with QR and barcode scanner in shops and in open market places where you can buy anything by just scanning the qr code or barcode scanner and easily get what you want instantly from your android device.This is the app that is must have in order to do the shopping and buy products using the qr codes and barcode scanning.
You can a lot of money as most of the qr codes contains the prices that are discounted and there are offers as well that gives a lot of discounts as well.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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