Qibla (Qibla direction & prayer times)

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We put in your hand this application which allow you to know :
- Qibla direction in three ways:
1 _ by compass:
We calculate the Qibla direction with high accuracy by taking into consideration the value of the magnetic north deviation from the geographical (real) north.
2 _ ways to locate the sun or moon:
If your phone does not have a compass feel, you can know the Qiblah direction from the sun or moon position.
3 _ By map:
As well as through the map thanks to the display of the Kaaba site and your site and link them with a line.
- Prayer time.
- Times of sunrise and sunset and the disappearance of the sun and the moon.
- The Hijri history and different phases of the moon.
- Determination of the location of the sun and the moon.
- Precise positioning and giving information on GPS satellites and GLONAS.
- Calculate speed (you can use it while riding a bike, car or roaming while calculating your speed).
Required permissions:
* Location: We need to know the location to determine the Qiblah.



Version: 3.7.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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