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QuickPeso is an online lending platform based on mobile information technology and big-data analysis. We offer fast, easy and reliable loan service with transparent fees. 
What can QuickPeso offer? 
Loan Tenure: Maximum 365 days to Minimum 90 days
Annual interest rate (APR): Up to 24%
Example of a installment loan simulation:
Amount of Principal: PHP 9,000 
Loan Tenure: 3 months
Interest Rate: 2% per month
PHP 9,000 / 3 = PHP 3,000 + PHP 60 interest per month.
Total payment per month PHP 3,060
*Every customer may get different calculation according to his/her loan repayment history, credit worthiness, loan amount and tenure.
QuickPeso always charge a transparent service fee. Interest and fees do not compound or accrue.
Why should I choose QuickPeso?
* Transparent rates and service fees;
* Ensure your privacy and security; and
* Reliable and friendly customer service.
How can I apply for QuickPeso?
* Prepare your ID card;
* Install the app and follow the in-app instructions;
* Register and complete your credit profile, then you should obtain your credit limit in less than 10 minutes;
* Now you can choose whatever loan amount and loan Tenure you want.
Terms & Conditions:
* Minimum age of 18 years up to 60 years
* Philippine citizen
* Must have 2 valid ID card
* Must have a job and stable income source
Contact Us
CS hotline: 02-2263118
(Monday-Friday 09:30-18:30)
Download and install QuickPeso now, get loans quickly anytime and anywhere! Satisfy your all needs and expenses!



Version: 1.2.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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