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This app allows you to listen to 2 suras from the quran and repeat them up to 10 times.The suras included in this app are AlFajr and AlMorsalat.This app was originally developed for our children as an aid to help them memorize these suras for a school competition. I hope you find this app useful.If you like this app please contact me and let me know. That will encourage me to develop it further. I plan to allow the user to select suras from the entire quran instead of from just a few buttons. Since the quran has many suras, we plan inshAllah to include downloading them onto your android device internal and external storage.Please comment and rate this app and include us in your duah.Please consider a sadaqa donation because I have been unemployed since Nov 2009. You can contact me through email I39;m also available to do custom Android apps and VB.Net apps if you wish to hire me as an employee.Wasalamu,EmaduddeenWasalamu,Emad



Version: 2

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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